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Residential Stormwater Inspections in West Palm Beach

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At Seacoast Septic and Plumbing, our experts know how important it is to ensure the residual water from storms or routine plant watering is free of harmful pollutants before it reaches the ocean. We utilize eco-friendly products and techniques to do our part to protect the environment. We also perform comprehensive stormwater and septic inspections for our residential customers. When you schedule your inspection with one of our experts you can be sure that we will make the best recommendations to not only be sure the water leaving your property is safe, but to protect your property from pollutants that could get you and your family sick.

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What Does a Stormwater Inspection Involve?

The purpose of a stormwater inspection is to either identify possible sources of discharge pollutants or discover these sources and remedy them before further damage takes place. When one of our West Palm Beach experts inspects your property, they follow the health code of the area to be sure your system is functioning properly and meets all current regulations. Additionally, if your property is newly constructed, we will inspect all areas of the system before it is put into use to be sure it can function as intended.

Types of Inspections for Residential Properties

Depending on the status of your property, there are a few types of inspections you should schedule.

These include: 

  • Pre-occupancy /pre-notice of termination: This type of inspection occurs between construction and occupancy of the property. The inspector will ensure the system is up to code and working properly as well as note any repairs to be completed before the property owner moves in.
  • Annual inspections: An annual inspection ensures that your system is continuing to perform its function as intended and not violating any state or federal regulations. We thoroughly inspect all pieces of the system and help you create a plan for any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Stormwater Inspection Checklist

While every property is unique in the way it handles stormwater, we generally use the same guidelines to ensure it is functioning properly.

Common areas we inspect are: 

  • The cleanliness of areas near storm drains and gutters
  • If garbage cans are covered and a distance from drains
  • If drainage pathways are clear
  • If roof runoff ends up in vegetation or the sidewalk
  • If your yard irrigation system is functioning properly
  • If your property is connected to the sewer system
  • If your AC disposes of condensation into the sewer system
  • And more

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You can trust Seacoast Septic and Plumbing to provide you with a thorough stormwater inspection. We have been helping the West Palm Beach community as well as surrounding communities for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on not only being eco-friendly, but putting our clients interests first above all else. 

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